Scottish  Kempo  Academy



Our Kids Kempo Self-Defence programme for 8 to 15 years-old has been specially designed for children and teens, with fun, high-energy, exciting, structured Kempo classes that teach children how to focus their attention and be self disciplined which improves their ability to learn.

We give them the confidence and the skills to defend themselves very effectively and teach them how to how to deal with Bullies. Most importantly, this also includes teaching our junior students Life-Skills which teaches them the mental Self-Defence skills needed today to give them non-violent alternatives to potentially confrontational situations to avoid a fight, and the verbal de-escalation skills to control and talk a confrontational situation down so that an aggressor can be dissuaded from attacking them, as well as how to react and respond to defend themselves if they are attacked.

Self-Esteem is your child's greatest weapon against adopting an unhealthy life style.

With positive self-esteem, they will have the courage and discipline to say "NO" to inappropriate activities and at the Scottish Kempo Academy we are experts at teaching and nurturing self-esteem in children for a healthy and happy life!

Many parents have attributed improved performance at school as a direct result of the skills their children learn in our classes.

Your child will enjoy our classes because they are fun and exciting, and you will love it because we support your role as a parent... Making your job easier!

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