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Our Lil' Dragons Kempo Self-Defence classes teach young children much more than basic Self-Defence. We build confidence, focus, concentration, respect, discipline and self-control which helps children prepare for the challenges they'll face for the rest of their lives.

Our Lil' Dragons programme has been specially designed for the specific needs and attention spans of the 4 - 7 year-old age group, with fun, high energy classes and Life-Skills to provide a one-of-a-kind choice for parents who wish to make sure that their child's future is one filled with confidence and success, as well as an exciting adventure along the way.

It encourages children to become more confident and enthusiastic with improved concentration and listening skills, the programme is designed to enhance positive development in a fun and motivational way by using Kempo skill building exercises, drills and activities, which will help them become better students at school, better listeners at home and more ambitious towards the future. Self-Esteem is your child's greatest weapon against adopting an unhealthy life style. With positive self-esteem, they will have the courage and discipline to say "NO" to inappropriate activities and at the Scottish Kempo Academy we are experts at teaching and nurturing self-esteem in children for a healthy and happy life.

Many parents have attributed improved performance at school as a direct result of the skills their children learn in our classes. Your child will enjoy our classes because they are fun and exciting, and you will love it because we support your role as a parent... Making your job easier!

Life-Skills are at the heart of our Lil' Dragons Kempo syllabus, and instructors focus on these with a 'Mat Chat' during the life skills portion of class. Children learn from experience and our Life-Skills section lets them get practical life experience in the safety of the Dojo.

These Life-Skill chats vary and includes: 'Good Manners,' 'How to Control Anger,' 'Skills for Making New Friends,' 'Teamwork,' 'How to Count 1 to 10 in Japanese', 'Stranger Danger,' 'Fire Safety' and 'Dog Safety.'

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