Scottish  Kempo  Academy



If you would like to get a fabulous quality of Kempo instruction, in high energy classes with other students totally engaged in their training - sweating, learning and grinning from ear to ear as they enjoy getting in better shape whilst studying a practical, effective, street Self-Defence system in a safe Dojo (training hall), then you've came to the right place!

We offer a fresh approach to teaching Martial Arts with fun, exciting and empowering Adults Kempo Self-Defence classes. Lessons are specially designed to be an exciting way of learning to defend yourself and leave you feeling fitter, healthier and more confident and focused than ever before with the techniques being taught in English, rather than Japanese, with modern, more upbeat Western teaching methods.

New adult beginners are always welcome to start training at any time in our Kempo classes and our welcoming Black Belt instructor team and your fellow class mates will make you feel comfortable, even if you haven't worked out for some time and if you already take regular exercise and are looking for a new and exciting challenge you won't be disappointed.

Our classes are designed to be enjoyed, not endured, and leave you feeling fitter, healthier and more focused than ever before!

It's very easy to learn Kempo and does not require years of practice or masses of muscles to become highly effective at defending yourself against larger, stronger, or more fit opponents.

We also teach the mental Self-Defence skills needed today that includes non-violent alternatives to potentially violent situations to avoid a fight, including the verbal de-escalation skills to control and talk a confrontational situation down so that an aggressor can be dissuaded from attacking you, as well as how to react and respond to defend yourself if you are attacked, especially by surprise. We also teach defensive techniques against an attacker armed with a knife, gun or stick.

Why not invite a friend to come along with you for a trial lesson, as trying something new is always much easier when a friend comes along with you!

Spaces are currently limited, request a Free Trial Lesson now!