Scottish  Kempo  Academy


We've been teaching the life-protection Martial Art of Kempo at the Scottish Kempo Academy since 1997, we have lineage to genuine Kempo and have Self-Defence schools at Inverness, Tain, Dingwall, Bonar Bridge and Strathpeffer.

Our 'Yoshin Kempo' system is based on the traditional old-school Japanese Martial Art of Kempo which translated means 'Willow Heart Fist Law.' Kempo incorporates kicks, throws, blocks, strikes and locks and is purely a Self-Defence system with no sporting elements. Our students learn highly effective self-protection skills in a friendly, family-orientated, training environment where they make new friends very quickly.

From the very first Kempo lesson, students learn how relatively easy it is to learn the art. Since the movements are natural, students begin to formulate effective Self-Defence techniques immediately.

Our exciting and inspirational classes blend the greatness of the Eastern traditions of Martial Arts training with the latest, more upbeat, Western Martial Arts teaching methods combined with Eastern discipline for a fresh and inspiring approach to teaching Martial Arts around the Highlands of Scotland.

Our Chief Coach - Kyoshi Neil Hourston 8th Degree Black Belt, and all of our instructors are dedicated Martial Artists who are trained to the highest level to inspire students towards the goal of Black Belt and beyond. We are committed to Highland Council's Child Protection Policy and all our instructors are Disclosure Scotland PVG checked. Numerous instructors are qualified Emergency First Aiders and all members are fully insured. We have training mats at all locations for added safety.

We are proudly affiliated with a number of quality Martial Arts organisations...

- United Martial Arts Alliance International
- Goshin-Jitsu Chow-Hoon
- Martial Arts Great Britain
- NEST Management


Kyoshi Neil Hourston, 8th Degree Black Belt Kempo / JuJitsu

Founder and Chief Coach - Scottish Kempo Academy
European Director - United Martial Arts Alliance International

Hall of Fame Inductee - World Head of Family Sokeship Council (2000)
Hall of Fame Inductee - Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine (2015)
Hall of Fame Inductee - United Martial Arts Alliance International (2023)

Emergency First Aider

"I've been studying Martial Arts for over thirty eight years, my Mentor is Professor James Muro 10th Degree Black Belt who lives in America. I'm honoured to be a Professional Martial Arts Instructor as few people get the opportunity to teach Martial Arts full-time in the UK.

There's nothing more rewarding than helping to make a positive impact on people's lives around the North of Scotland community! If you are considering starting a Martial Art, I hope that you choose us for a trial lesson, my Black Belts and I are ready to welcome you along to class.

We look forward to seeing you and/or your child(ren) at one of our Highland friendly Martial Arts classes!"


- SKA Child Protection Policy.
- SKA Child Protection Officer - Kyoshi Helen Beattie.
- SKA Accountant - Kevin Loy Ltd, Tain.
- The SKA is a Registered Body with Disclosure Scotland.