Scottish  Kempo  Academy


Royal Hotel, High Street, Tain IV19 1AB, Scotland.

Saturday 2nd June

Nearest Airport - Inverness.
Nearest Bus and Train Station - Tain.


Our 19th annual and legendary premier Self-Defence event in the Highlands of Scotland is open to all Martial Artists regardless of rank, style or affiliation! Attendance numbers are limited due to the size of the hall at the Hotel so you need to buy tickets from this page asap via PayPal to guarantee your place! The entry fee has a £10 surcharge if there are any spaces available on the day for non-ticket holders.

Depending on the amount of attendees, we will either run one seminar or two seminars (attendees attend one seminar). If it's one seminar it will run from 11am - 3pm. If it's two seminars they will run as follows...

Seminar 1... 9.30am - 1.30pm.
Seminar 2... 2pm - 6pm.

Children (8 - 12 year-olds) - 2 Hour Seminar.
Teens & Adults - 4 Hour Seminar.


Professor James Muro 10th Dan Kenpo (USA).
Kyoshi Helen Beattie 7th Dan Kempo (Scotland).
Renshi James Denning 6th Dan Kenpo JuJitsu (USA).
Shihan Tony Brown 6th Dan Aikido (England).

Secure your place(s) at this exciting event in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland - book now...

Buy Your Tickets Via PayPal:

If you are a SKA Sensei, click here to book your complimentary ticket.

SKA Gathering - Child Ticket - £15.
SKA Gathering - Teen Ticket - £25.
SKA Gathering - Adult Ticket - £45.
SKA Gathering - Family Ticket - £65.

Please include the full name of each person attending the Gathering via our Contact Form. We will be in touch nearer the event to arrange with attendees which of the two seminars will be suitable to attend.

Tickets will be available to collect at the door on the day of the Gathering and will only be refunded if we get at least 30 days notice prior to the event.